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In Hof it is easy to find an effective remedy for protection against parasites. The official website works online and can be ordered at any time. Our company manager will call you and advise you fully on ordering and delivery in the near future if you just provide the communication phone number and your name on the quick order form on the website.

If you want to get the capsules at the best price, take advantage of the current discount. Today the costs are only 49€. Our service includes free advice, a supplier guarantee and fast delivery. You can receive the delivery from a courier or pick it up by post.

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50% discount applies in Hof when ordering Toxic OFF

If you are looking for an effective remedy against parasites, Toxic OFF is the solution to your problems. Capsules can be ordered in Hof through the official website. The costs are reduced as much as possible and are only 49€.

Germany offers the same discount throughout its territory. However, the costs in the city of Hof are increased by the shipping costs. The exact shipping costs depend on the distance to the city and differ slightly depending on where you live. Provide your personal details in the order form to contact the manager and clarify all the details of the order and delivery costs.

50% discount today, order now at a reduced price. This offer is only valid in Germany when ordering via the official website. Three easy steps and the best parasite protection at your fingertips.

  • Leave a request in the order form.
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You can pay for the order after receiving it by post, courier or the delivery service at the time of receipt. This allows you to get Toxic OFF without taking any financial risks. You can use cash or a card of your choice. Take care of your health, we have foreseen everything else.