How to remove worms from a person: proven methods

The task of removing worms from a person arises when they are discovered. Sometimes they can be seen after a bowel movement. Other cases are only discovered through sophisticated laboratory tests. It is always important to know the helminth species in detail in order to be able to combat it effectively. Methods of dealing with worms are different: you can consult a doctor, quickly get rid of helminths or take a long treatment at home using folk methods.

Abdominal pain with worms

Treat like doctors

How to remove worms, doctors know best - parasitologists or infectious disease specialists. These are specialists who, after an examination, prescribe pills for treatment. All drugs for the treatment of helminths have two uses:

  • Cause her undoing.
  • Remove from human body.

Antihelminthic tablets are classified according to the type of worms on which they act. These are drugs that affect roundworms (roundworms), flatworms, cysts (larvae of flatworms), extraintestinal representatives (eg, liver flukes).

Tapeworm or extraintestinal worm removal tablets are not only toxic to the worm organism. They cause serious changes in the body of an adult, are often contraindicated in children and are not used for home treatment. To achieve the desired result, taking such drugs must be long-term.

It is possible to remove worms with their use only under the supervision of a hospital doctor. These pills do not necessarily kill the parasites. They can temporarily cause their paralysis or stop reproducing.

After the death of a helminth, its stay in the tissues or intestinal lumen causes additional intoxication of the body. How to quickly remove worms in this case, the treating specialist will advise. Epsom or Glauber's salt is usually used shortly after treatment with a drug that is toxic to the human body (after 3 hours).

salt to remove worms

After determining an adult round helmet (for example, Ascaris), the doctor prescribes pills for home treatment. Drugs are used that act on different types of worms. Depending on the type of helminth, different treatment regimens are used.

With ascaris, piperazine-based drugs are taken twice a day for 1 or 2 days (the dose is selected depending on age). With pinworms - 5 days in the same doses in three courses with a week break. If you treat an adult for pinworms, you can get infected again at home if the following conditions are not met:

  • Daily linen change, washing with ironing with hot iron.
  • Heat treatment of food (vegetables, fruits, greens are poured with boiling water).
  • Thorough washing of hands before eating (snacking). At home, during the treatment period, you can do nightly cleansing enemas. This will rid the rectum of worms.

What is possible in an "interesting position".

Pregnant women up to 5 months use a proven method of removing helminths with the help of oxygen for a week. Gas is injected into the stomach daily on an empty stomach, 1500 ml for 15 minutes. A nasal catheter (a thin plastic tube that is inserted into the stomach) is used for insertion.

After the introduction of oxygen, you need to lie down for 2 hours. If there were no bowel movements two days after the start of treatment, do a cleansing enema. The method of oxygen therapy is especially effective for infection with roundworms.

From pinworms, no special treatment is prescribed to expectant mothers. Due to the short life cycle of these worms (eggs 6-8 hours after their appearance, they can cause re-infestation), a woman's adherence to hygiene recommendations is a proven tactic. The most important thing to do at home is to prevent the possibility of reinfection. For this you need:

  • Wash hands before eating.
  • Change bed linen daily in the morning, wash and iron in the evening.
  • Use thermally processed foods.
  • Wash hands after changing clothes.

The procedure lasts several days, ideally one day. To remove worms of other forms, you need to see a doctor, self-treatment can harm the child.

herbal remedies

Proven methods of repelling helminths include the use of plant matter. These are tansy, wormwood (tsitvarnaya), pumpkin seeds.

Pumpkin seeds for worms

An infusion of tansy flowers is brewed as a tea and used to infect ascarids. Dry raw materials take 1 tbsp. spoon for 200 ml of boiling water. Take 1 tbsp. spoonful of infusion 3 times a day. The infusion is contraindicated for pregnant women.

Wormwood flowers are used as a dry powder for ascariasis. Adults should take 5g per dose 2 days 3 times before meals. On the eve of using the powder and after its completion, take a saline laxative. Should not be used by pregnant women.

Pumpkin seeds are a proven way to get rid of tapeworms when medications are contraindicated or not well tolerated. 2 days before the start of taking the "delicacy" an enema is made in the morning, and a saline laxative is given in the evening. The day of the pumpkin cure begins with cleansing the intestines. Seeds are taken in two ways:

  1. On an empty stomach, you need to eat 300 g of peeled (with a green film) seeds within 30-40 minutes. You can crush them, mix with honey. Lie down for 3 hours, take a saline laxative. After 30 minutes, an enema is given, regardless of the presence of stool. You can eat when a stool appears (independently or with an enema).
  2. 500 g of unpeeled pumpkin seeds are passed through a meat grinder or crushed with a blender and poured with 1 liter of water. Boil for 2 hours, remove the film of fat, filter. The resulting broth should be drunk within 30 minutes. After 2 hours, a saline laxative is used.

Helminth removal can be done using a variety of methods. Anyone can deliver good results. Careful implementation of the recommendations of a specialist after clarification of the type of worm leads to success.