Folk remedies for parasites in the body

Folk remedies for removing parasites from the body

Now there are many drugs that will help remove worms from the human body quickly. But each pharmacological agent has its own significant drawbacks. Since some drugs can be toxic to humans, if taken incorrectly, liver cells are damaged and the digestive tract is disrupted.

Therefore, doctors found a slightly different way out, for example to carry out treatment with the help of conventional medicine. Because if you prepare the recipe correctly and adhere to the prescribed dosage, you can quickly remove parasites from the body and do no harm to yourself.

Treatment of parasites with folk remedies in adults

All folk recipes given in this article must be prepared at home. You can use boiled decoctions or tinctures as a treatment. Juices, solutions and ointments made from medicinal plants also help well with helminthiasis.

But before you start treatment, you need to know some principles:

  • First of all, it is imperative to create unfavorable conditions for parasites to multiply. Therefore, at home, you can use products that have a bitter or acidic composition. Parasites do not tolerate such components and therefore die. Of the most common plants, tansy, pomegranate, garlic, and even pumpkin seeds can be used to quickly kill parasites;
  • The second stage is the direct destruction of parasites. Therefore, in the treatment, you need to use only those medicinal herbs that contain toxic components. Plants such as wormwood or tansy, in particular, have proven their worth;
  • The third stage is important - you need to constantly strengthen your body, that is, increase immunity. It is necessary to include in the diet as many vitamins as possible. Vitamins can be found, for example, in carrots, citrus fruits, herbs and other foods;
  • As doctors say, an antiseptic effect is indispensable here. Therefore, the patient must slaughter products, e. g. Include, for example, onions or garlic;
  • The final step is to remove parasites from the human body as soon as possible. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare recipes that have a good laxative effect. For example, a recipe made from rowanberry, rhubarb or burdock is suitable.

Now let's look at common recipes for parasites.

Recipes for helminthiasis

Plants can be used for treatment, but you just need to know which ones. Hence, here are the TOP plants that can help you with helminthiasis.

Tansy has done well. As a treatment, you can use not only flowers, but also the grass itself. The plant has an excellent spectrum of anthelmintic effects, so it does well with lamblia, roundworms and pinworms.

As a treatment, doctors recommend preparing such a recipe, but only if you do not have an allergic reaction to the composition of the recipe.

To prepare the tincture, you need 2 tablespoons of the medicinal plant, pour water over it and insist. As a rule, you have to pass an hour. Then strain well and start treatment. Take 1 tablespoon before meals, but not more than 30 minutes before meals.

The second plant is familiar to many - wormwood. It helps remove tapeworm, lamblia, from the human body. For treatment, you need to prepare an alcoholic tincture at home. You can ask the doctor how exactly it is prepared.

A delicious and at the same time very useful pomegranate that will also help you solve parasite problems. Pomegranate does not remove all parasites, only roundworms and flat parasites. For treatment, you need to use the peel of the fruit. First brew in boiling water, then you can take it.

We said above that pumpkin seeds can also be used for treatment. There are many recipes based on this ingredient, so here is the most effective one. Choose, peel, and just eat seeds with green skin. Treatment with this method is long-term and can last 10-15 days.

For a quick effect, honey can be included in the folk treatment. For example: Mix seeds with honey and boiled water in the proportion: 300 grams of seeds, 100 grams of natural honey and 50 ml of water. Drink in small portions.

Garlic is another parasite remedy. Garlic and onions are good for many diseases, the main thing is to prepare the recipe correctly. Garlic can be included in daily meals, and tincture can be made from onions. Put 1 chopped onion in a thermos, let rest for about 10 hours. Drink in small portions in the morning on an empty stomach.

Treatment of parasites with folk remedies in children

Some prescriptions that patients read on the Internet themselves do not help against parasites. Most often you can find the following treatment on the forums:

  • People begin to actively drink chamomile tea;
  • Take vegetable oils orally;
  • Eat only fruits or vegetables.

These treatments alone will not help you. It is necessary to choose a comprehensive alternative treatment.

In children, it is necessary to use only homemade prescriptions for treatment, which a doctor should prescribe for you. In addition, if a child in a family is infected with helminthiasis, preventive measures must be taken. In any case, the child must be switched to a vegetarian diet and take laxative recipes made from medicinal plants.

Local treatment of pinworms

The most common parasite are pinworms. They only appear often in childhood. To help a child, you need to know about the parasites themselves. So the lifespan of pinworms is a couple of weeks. So unless action is taken quickly, the parasites have time to multiply and cause serious health complications.

According to folk methods, oil can be used in childhood. Soak a cotton ball in oil and close the anus. This procedure should only be done at night.

As a preventive measure, parents need to iron the child's clothes well, preferably using the steam. Do not let your child lick their fingers, hands, or toys.


As mentioned above, oils are used as treatment. In childhood, you can use: flaxseed oil, sea buckthorn, hemp or, for example, milk thistle oil. There are other oils that doctors prescribe a child that the doctor will tell you about.

What to do with butterIt can be added to any cooked food or moistened with cotton wool as described above.

Pumpkin seeds

They can also be used in childhood treatments. This delicious product contains a wonderful substance called cucurbitin. It is this substance that helps remove helminths from the child's body quickly. But most importantly, you should know the treatment regimen. For example, if a child is under 7 years old, it is enough to ingest 150 grams of semen. If your child is over 7 years old, you can use 300 grams.

Soda can also be used in medicines. It helps create an alkaline environment in the intestine. Parasites cannot be found in such an environment, so they die quickly. Doctors recommend that children do an enema. The duration of treatment can be one week.

Children of course don't like this product, but there is no other way out when it comes to child health. Garlic helps a lot. If the child cannot swallow the garlic, it can be used as an enema.

Treatment of parasites with folk remedies during pregnancy

Much cannot be used for treatment during pregnancy. Therefore, doctors recommend trying different foods. During pregnancy, as well as for children, you can try pumpkin seeds in the treatment.

Beetroot juice is also allowed. It is necessary to drink 1 tablespoon daily. Treatment with beets can last up to a week.

Watermelon also helps during pregnancy with helminthiasis. But you should not get carried away with such a delicacy, since there is a lot of liquid in it, and it can lead to severe edema.

Therefore, it can be replaced with a wonderful fresh pomegranate, for example, which not only removes parasites, but also increases hemoglobin during pregnancy.

Doctors may recommend using cranberries or valerian for treatment. Such teas can simply be drunk neat. Herbal herbs help get rid of parasites, especially since they have a mild spectrum of action and do not harm the fetus and mother.

Folk remedies for the prevention of parasites

Now you know how and with what to treat from conventional medicine. But do not forget about preventive measures. Preventive measures must be carried out twice a year. In this case, it is best not to drink medication, it is best to start with traditional medicine.

You can also use bitter wormwood to cleanse your body. Parasites simply cannot stand this smell, so this remedy is effective. In addition, this treatment method can also be used in childhood. But not every child can ingest bitter vermouth tinctures.

The main treatment

The specified course of treatment is designed for a week. To make this recipe with bitter vermouth you will need around 100-200 grams, but only use the herb dry. You need to grind it into powder well.

Now for the first three days you need to take the prepared powder to get rid of parasites. In this case, the frequency of 2. 5 hours must be observed. The dose taken should not exceed one teaspoon.

Not only will you drink the powder, but you can drink the mixture with plenty of water or juice. The second option is to dissolve the powder in water and drink a 200 ml glass.

The patient will also have a lot of energy from such a prescription. Therefore, you can do without vitamins.

This is not the entire treatment, for the next 4 days it is necessary to take the powder at a different frequency - once every 4 hours. Often doctors recommend that children with helminthiasis do cleansing enemas based on bitter wormwood.

Despite the above recipes, you also need to stick to a healthy diet. Don't eat a lot of fried and salty foods. More vitamins and minerals should be included in the diet.